So check this out, I was sitting down at Burger King and enjoying my chicken sandwich when I look over to my left and see some guy put an entire whopper jr. in his mouth.

I express gratitude for your difficult work; our team members appreciate you for your leadership role and for your relentless help of this important legislation.

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Never seen such a thing.
On 01/08/10 at 11:06pm - by Jason - United States (San Jose)
So check this out, I decided to go to the UC Irvine gym at about 11pm and I saw Kobe Bryant working out on the gym's basketball court with his two huge security guards waiting at the doors stopping anyone from entering. Man was he throwing it down, so instead of working out I decided to just watch him. I had heard over the years that he regularly used the gym's indoor court either late at night or real early in the morning. But I never thought I would see him myself. Snapped some pics and vide
On 01/05/10 at 9:09pm - by Anteater - United States (Newport Beach)
So check this out, was at christmas eve dinner and saw Fergie and her husband sitting in the booth next to us.
On 12/28/09 at 9:28pm - by tim
So check this out, I was driving in LA traffic on Santa Monica Blvd. I look left and see a cop waiting to make a left turn talking on his iphone holding the phone to his ear. I quickly snapped a picture on my cell phone for proof. When I get to the next light I see the same cop pulling over some cute girl in her white mercedes who had been talking on her cell phone. I decide to pull over, and notify the cop of his infraction. He laughs at me, says nice picture. He lets the girl go, I got her #.
On 12/16/09 at 10:37pm - by SJA - United States (Brentwood)
So check this out, my boss came into my office and chewed me out for an assignment gone wrong. After he left my office, I heard a loud boom and a loud groan from this office next door. I went in and saw coffee spilled all over the desk, keyboard, papers, and his face. He slipped. The look on his face was priceless. Karma.
On 12/23/09 at 08:04am - by Ryan - United States (NYC)
So check this out, I was in my car at a stoplight and I turn over and see a 70+ year old man singing along to Jay-Z's new song, "Empire State of Mind." Nice.
On 12/08/09 at 8:18pm - by George - United States (Sunnyvale)
So check this out, went out last night for post thanksgiving drinks with friends, and we're drinking and having a good time and met some random girls who sat next to us. As were partying,my buddy accidentally knocks over a vodka cranberry and it goes all over a girl's white suede boots. She wanted us to pay for her shoes and we're like we'll pick up the tab but that's it, she starts going bezerk and we take off...
On 11/27/09 at 9:07pm - by Bill - United States (hollywood)
So check this out, I was walking in downtown Palo Alto the other day with my head down and deep in thought when a homeless man approaches me and asks, "hey bud, is everything ok." Man, I must have looked super depressed for a homeless man to come up and ask me whether I was alright.
On 11/27/09 at 6:16pm - by Dave - United States (Palo Alto)
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